Brienne Boortz Photography



I am a 35-years-young photographer from Kentucky and have been working professionally in photography for the past 12 years. I got my start as a photojournalism intern at the Jackson Hole News & Guide in Jackson, Wy. After I graduated from college in 2006, I headed to Colorado Springs for a 6-month photojournalism position at the Colorado Springs Gazette. After falling in love with this beautiful place, I stuck around and started freelancing for the Colorado Springs Independent and ventured into the world of self-employment. I loved it (and still do). Since 2007, I have been photographing for local businesses, restaurants and individuals.

In 2013, I decided I needed a big adventure, so I set off to walk the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile trek across northern Spain. After falling in love with a wonderful German fellow while on the trail, I followed him back to Munich, Germany for two years. My first year there, I learned the language, the second, I worked as an in-house photographer for an e-Commerce company. That fellow became my husband and I brought him back to the US to live in the place I couldn’t get out of my mind, my beloved Colorado Springs.

In my career, I’ve photographed the entire circle of life (births, weddings, and even a funeral) and people from all walks of life (prison inmates, professional athletes, mennonites… the list goes on).  I photograph the things I love on a weekly basis, and I would love to photograph the things, people or places that you love the most. I’m open for any kind of work, big or small. Headshots, band photos, a profile of your business or hotel, classy food porn shots for your restaurant– you name it, I wanna photograph it. Thanks for your support as I continue to do what I love the most.

Beyond photographer, I am a world traveler, avid reader, amateur chef, wannabe writer, and bluegrass lover.